Trout Fishing Excursion

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Last weekend the City of Wasilla held its annual Christmas tree lighting at the Dorthy G Page Museum in downtown Wasilla. This was my first time attending the event and my first time at the museum. While the main event was outside, we headed inside the museum to get out of the wind and warm up.

My wife pulled me away from the model of Indepence Mine to show me a picture of a party posing in front of the Wasilla Depot with the words Trout Fishing Excursion at Wasilla, Alaska written on it. She knew I’d find it interesting.   Continue reading “Trout Fishing Excursion”


Urban Tumbleweed: It’s What’s for Dinner

Cottonwood Creek just 100 yards from the Parks Highway. Photo: Ben Rowell

The Mat-Su has a plastic bag problem. It’s harmful to the environment, unsightly, and embarrassing.

We’ve all seen it. The urban tumbleweeds dangling from trees like ornaments along the Parks Highway or partially sunken into the mud along the banks of our waterways. Besides being an eyesore, plastic bags poise a risk to salmon returning to our local streams.

“Plankton eat it, salmon eat plankton. Salmon are also attracted to the plastic because it grows algae, so they eat it as food. So it comes back to us on our dinner plates”, Mat-Su Bag It Committee member Carol Montgomery told KTVAContinue reading “Urban Tumbleweed: It’s What’s for Dinner”