5 Things We Loved about the Alaska Spey Clave

Over 80 rods to demo at the 2017 Alaska Fly Fishing Fair and Spey Clave. Photo: Ben Rowell

We could go on and on about how knowing two-hand fly casting techniques helps the Susitna River drainage angler access more fishable water but let’s cut to the chase. Here are 5 things we loved about the Alaska Fly Fishing Fair and Spey Clave:

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Learn Two-Hand Casting Techniques at Upcoming Alaska Spey Clave

Leopard rainbow trout from the Susitna watershed caught on a two-hand rod. Photo: Ben Rowell

The Susitna watershed’s big water is ideal for casting long two-hand fly rods. It also has many roadside streams that call for shorter switch rods and single-hand Spey casting techniques. Having these tools in your arsenal will open up water that has been out of reach by being too far away or limited space for a backcast.

If casting two-hand rods is your preferred fishing style, or if you would like to learn a new casting technique, this Saturday’s 4th annual Fly Fishing Fair and Spey Clave, hosted by Alaska Fly Fishers, is a great opportunity for free instruction from some of the best casting instructors in the state. This year’s event is being held on Saturday, June 3 at the scenic Russian River Ferry Crossing in Cooper Landing.

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Best of Instagram: #2HandAK

With the 4th annual Fly Fishing Fair and Spey Clave coming up on June 3rd (we’ll write more on that next week), we thought it would be a good time to share our favorite Instagram’s from #2HandAK.

2hand Alaska is a phrase Mossy’s Fly Shop came up with to show their support and passion for fishing two-hand fly rods, also know as Spey rods.
Two-hand rods can cast further and cast heavier flies easier than single hand rods, making them an effective tool on some of the Valley’s larger creeks and rivers. If casting further interests you (Why wouldn’t it?) than taking a day to learn or improve your two-hand casting techniques will be worth the 2.5 hour drive south.
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