Best of Instagram: #2HandAK

With the 4th annual Fly Fishing Fair and Spey Clave coming up on June 3rd (we’ll write more on that next week), we thought it would be a good time to share our favorite Instagram’s from #2HandAK.

2hand Alaska is a phrase Mossy’s Fly Shop came up with to show their support and passion for fishing two-hand fly rods, also know as Spey rods.
Two-hand rods can cast further and cast heavier flies easier than single hand rods, making them an effective tool on some of the Valley’s larger creeks and rivers. If casting further interests you (Why wouldn’t it?) than taking a day to learn or improve your two-hand casting techniques will be worth the 2.5 hour drive south.
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For The People’s Paper: Keep ’em Wet to Conserve Mat-Su’s Resident Fish

By Chad Gage
Photographing fish in the water is easier on the fish and makes for a more interesting composition. Photo: Chad Gage

Last month I read a Facebook post by Keepemwet Fishing encouraging me to sign up for their newsletter. I clicked, explored the website, and was inspired to share their three principles for catch and release fishing.

Around the same time, I reread research on resident species in the Susitna River drainage. The research included depressing results in regards to deformities of rainbow trout in Willow and Montana Creeks due to catch and release fishing.

With these two reads in my mind, I wrote Keep ’em Wet to Conserve Mat-Su’s Resident Species.

A reader pointed out that the research I reference has been published. If you fish Susitna River tributaries, I recommend you read Seasonal movements and habitat use of rainbow trout in the Susitna River basin, southcentral Alaska  by Kevin Fraley.
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Best of Instagram: #Susitna

Enjoy some of our favorite Instagrams from #Susitna and don’t forget to follow us @Highway3Angler.

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