3 Good Articles

A Dolly Varden fell for the flash. Photo: Ben Rowell
Spring trout fishing is in full swing and we’re loving it. But if you’ve been struggling to get hookups we suggest reading these three articles to get things turned around. Good luck!  Continue reading “3 Good Articles”


Twenty-Incher: Is it the One?

In search of a nymph pattern that stacks up to my go-to fly.

Twenty-Incher. Photo: Ben Rowell

We all have one. It’s the fly we always tie on first thing in the morning. It’s the one fly that when not working, we think nothing else will. It’s the one fly we use when stepping into new water. Simply put, it’s our go-to fly.

Kory Murdoch introduced me to my go-to fly four years ago. It works so well I tie at least four dozen during the winter, knowing that if I’m fishing the right spot (snags), I’ll easily lose six in an afternoon. In fact, I have a fly box dedicated to this one fly pattern. My go-to fly is…  Continue reading “Twenty-Incher: Is it the One?”