Trip Report: Montana Creek (June 11, 2017)

Leopard rainbow trout from Montana Creek. Photo: Ben Rowell

For the second straight year I headed north to Montana Creek on a solo outing the same day as the popular Russian River opener. Last year I saw just one other angler and I expected about the same this year. The weather was partly cloudy heading out of Wasilla with dark skies father north over Talkeetna. Anglers fishing Willow, Little Willow, and Kashwitna were dry but anyone fishing further north was getting wet.   Continue reading “Trip Report: Montana Creek (June 11, 2017)”

Fishing Report Roundup! (April 22, 2017)

The Fishing Report Roundup gathers reports from around the web for your easy reference. Reports from multiple sources provide you with an idea of what is happening in an area and where to focus your efforts in the upcoming days. Remember that fishing reports state how conditions are on a single day or week. Conditions can quickly change since first reported.  Continue reading “Fishing Report Roundup! (April 22, 2017)”

For The People’s Paper: Keep ’em Wet to Conserve Mat-Su’s Resident Fish

By Chad Gage
Photographing fish in the water is easier on the fish and makes for a more interesting composition. Photo: Chad Gage

Last month I read a Facebook post by Keepemwet Fishing encouraging me to sign up for their newsletter. I clicked, explored the website, and was inspired to share their three principles for catch and release fishing.

Around the same time, I reread research on resident species in the Susitna River drainage. The research included depressing results in regards to deformities of rainbow trout in Willow and Montana Creeks due to catch and release fishing.

With these two reads in my mind, I wrote Keep ’em Wet to Conserve Mat-Su’s Resident Species.

A reader pointed out that the research I reference has been published. If you fish Susitna River tributaries, I recommend you read Seasonal movements and habitat use of rainbow trout in the Susitna River basin, southcentral Alaska  by Kevin Fraley.
Continue reading “For The People’s Paper: Keep ’em Wet to Conserve Mat-Su’s Resident Fish”

Proposal Filed to Change Montana Creek’s Resident Species Regulations

Susitna Leopard Trout

You’ve hit the road heading north to enjoy a couple days camping and trout fishing on Montana Creek. Shortly after arriving at the campground you learn the water accessible from the highway and campgrounds are closed to fishing – not just closed to king salmon fishing, but resident species as well. The closure is from the mouth to ADF&G markers a ½ mile above the highway. You’re puzzled.  Continue reading “Proposal Filed to Change Montana Creek’s Resident Species Regulations”

Angler Profile: Kory Murdoch


How long have you been fishing in the Valley?
I’ve been fishing the Valley since I was 8 years old, so 36 years.

What do you consider you home waters?
I’d say Montana Creek, but any of the Parks Hwy. streams north of Willow would be in the running.

Favorite season of the year?
Most fly fisherman in Alaska would say Fall, September, October, but mine is Spring. I’ve been exploring the Big Su and Talkeetna rivers right after ice out and have had great success. But what really gets me going are Kings on the swing. Late May through June can be unbelievable.  Continue reading “Angler Profile: Kory Murdoch”