Learn Two-Hand Casting Techniques at Upcoming Alaska Spey Clave

Leopard rainbow trout from the Susitna watershed caught on a two-hand rod. Photo: Ben Rowell

The Susitna watershed’s big water is ideal for casting long two-hand fly rods. It also has many roadside streams that call for shorter switch rods and single-hand Spey casting techniques. Having these tools in your arsenal will open up water that has been out of reach by being too far away or limited space for a backcast.

If casting two-hand rods is your preferred fishing style, or if you would like to learn a new casting technique, this Saturday’s 4th annual Fly Fishing Fair and Spey Clave, hosted by Alaska Fly Fishers, is a great opportunity for free instruction from some of the best casting instructors in the state. This year’s event is being held on Saturday, June 3 at the scenic Russian River Ferry Crossing in Cooper Landing.

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Missing from the Sportsman Shows: Bentley’s $300K Fly Fishing SUV

Problem: We load up the same old truck, drive the same old highway to the same old fishing hole, and catch the same old fish with our same old buddies. It’s a routine we’ve had for years that is desperately in need of a shake up.

Solution: Thankfully Bentley Motors identified our problem and tasked their top designers to come up with a fix. Behold Bently’s Bentayga Fly Fishing SUV by Mulliner – a Valley angler’s cure for the same old routine (or something like that).

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Spring Cleaning: Get Cash for Your Fishing Gear

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at Mar 27, 2017 3.14.49 PM
Alaska Fly Fishers Annual Auction provides opportunity to sell your lightly used gear.  

The Valley streams are going to open up any day. Okay, that’s not accurate but the sunshine and warmer temperatures sure made it seem like it. The truth is that it’s still cold and streams are locked up in a thick layer of ice.

With the creeks still frozen, it’s now time to get our gear ready for when that first bit of water opens up and that means stocking fly boxes and prepping tackle now instead of putting it off until May.

No signs of breakup on the Little Su. Photo taken on March 27, 2017.

A good opportunity for fly anglers to sell new or lightly used gear is at the upcoming Alaska Fly Fishers (AFF) Annual Fundraising Auction. For years, AFF has offered fly anglers the chance to place gear into a silent auction with 10% of the final sale price going to support AFF initiatives.

Here’s how it works…

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