FisheWear purchases Women’s Flyfishing, Pudge retires

Last week our friends at FisheWear® announced that the Anchorage based company acquired Women’s Flyfishing™ from Pudge Kleinkauf. Pudge is retiring after more than 30 years in the fly fishing industry.

If you live in the Valley and drive the Glenn Highway outside of Palmer, you’ve probably seen Pudge teaching groups of students how to fly fish from a float tube near the bridge between Kepler and Bradley Lakes. Maybe you ran into her on Montana Creek introducing new anglers to fly fishing on moving water. You may have even spoke with  her at the author’s booth or attended one of her many presentations at the Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show.

While Pudge may not be guiding anymore, we’re glad to hear she’ll continue contributing to the sport through her writing.

Here’s Pudge sharing how she started in the sport and why she loves it so much.  Continue reading “FisheWear purchases Women’s Flyfishing, Pudge retires”