3 good articles: bipartisan work edition

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at Jan 24, 2018 4.31.41 PM1. It’s unusual for Hatch Magazine’s twitter account to tweet anything positive about a Republican, so I did a double take when I saw Hatch Magazine retweeted praise for Alaska’s Senator Dan Sullivan (R). The praise came from Rhode Island’s Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D), who worked with Sullivan to pass the Save Our Sees Act out of the Senate. Check out Hatch Magazines take on the bipartisan work done on the Save Our Seas Act in this December 22 post.
(Full disclosure: My spouse works for Senator Dan Sullivan) 

2. A group of Valley business owners drafted a letter to ADF&G Division of Sport Fisheries Director Tom Brookover and department staff to share their “perspective on how the Little Susitna River king salmon fishery may be managed in a more stable manner, on an annual basis, that might better maximize benefit from the resource for anglers, local businesses, and the department.”

View the letter here.

If you would like to sign on in support of the letter, send an email to Andy at fish@fish4salmon.com.

3. Guide error: From Alaska to the Keys, the on-the-water epidemic is real – via The Drake

“It all started several decades ago in Alaska. I was a newbie guide, hoping to land a nice tip. So, when my clients asked if they could spend the morning bonking sockeye spawners, completely ignoring the egg-crazed bows bouncing off their waders, I obliged. The guys quickly reeled in their limits, but then refused to stop. That’s when I looked over and saw another sockeye cart-wheeling downstream, and that’s when I also noticed something odd. The client ‘playing’ the fish was holding the rod by its detachable fighting butt, instead of by the cork handle. Before I could offer any guide-worthy advice, the whole setup launched out of his grip.” Continue reading…

In case you missed it: ADF&G Accepting Comments on 2018 Stocking Plan, Including Kings in Willow Creek. Deadline in January 31, 2018.

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