FisheWear purchases Women’s Flyfishing, Pudge retires

Last week our friends at FisheWear® announced that the Anchorage based company acquired Women’s Flyfishing™ from Pudge Kleinkauf. Pudge is retiring after more than 30 years in the fly fishing industry.

If you live in the Valley and drive the Glenn Highway outside of Palmer, you’ve probably seen Pudge teaching groups of students how to fly fish from a float tube near the bridge between Kepler and Bradley Lakes. Maybe you ran into her on Montana Creek introducing new anglers to fly fishing on moving water. You may have even spoke with  her at the author’s booth or attended one of her many presentations at the Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show.

While Pudge may not be guiding anymore, we’re glad to hear she’ll continue contributing to the sport through her writing.

Here’s Pudge sharing how she started in the sport and why she loves it so much. 


From Fishewear:

FisheWear® founder, Linda Leary, is the proud new owner of Women’s Flyfishing™, an Alaska-based company that has been offering classes and guided fly fishing trips for more than 30 years. The company will continue to offer classes and trips, with a 2018 schedule coming out soon.

Women’s Flyfishing was founded by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf and for 31 years she has worked tirelessly to share her passion for fly fishing with women. Kleinkauf is highly regarded in the fly fishing industry for her expertise and is seen as a legend and pioneer in the sport. In her retirement, Kleinkauf will continue furthering the sport through her writing endeavors. She has published five award-winning books and is a frequent contributor to fly fishing magazines around the country.

“I’m ecstatic that Linda decided to acquire Women’s Flyfishing,” said Kleinkauf, “to move it toward more and more opportunities for women in the world of fly fishing.”
FisheWear owner and founder, Linda Leary, shares Kleinkauf’s passion for the sport and mission to grow women’s participation in fly fishing. The company will offer classes in spring 2018 and guided trips throughout Alaska, from Nome to Cordova, during the summer.
“I look forward to carrying Pudge’s legacy into the future,” said Leary, “and building on the community she has spent years cultivating.”

No stranger to fly fishing, Leary founded FisheWear with a desire to bring functional, fashionable and comfortable clothing options to women who fish. Leary has been fly fishing her entire life and the Fishe products are inspired by her own experiences. Now, under the same owner, Women’s Flyfishing and FisheWear will work in-sync to outfit, educate and empower more women to take up fly fishing. Once available, the 2018 Women’s Flyfishing class and trip schedule can be found by visiting either or
About FisheWear

FisheWear® makes FUNctional Fishing Fashion and was founded in 2015 by Linda Leary. She has a showroom in Anchorage located at 511 W. 41st Ave, Suite 101 and retail partners throughout the country. Fishe makes and sells colorful, multi-purpose base layer leggings, jackets, dry bags, Merino Wool tops and bottoms and fishing accessories such as wading belts, neck gaiters and hats. Learn more about FisheWear:


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