International Fly Fishing Film Festival Lands in Palmer on Friday

Tarpon Face Orvis Glove
Giant tarpon are what the boys are after in The Jungles Edge, IF4™ 2017

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4™) returns to Palmer’s Glenn Massay Theater on the Mat-Su College campus this week, fresh off a sold out show in Anchorage.

IF4™ films showcase the passion, lifestyle, and culture of fly fishing, but Friday’s show isn’t just for fly fishers. All anglers, no matter the preferred gear choice, will enjoy the unique stories, stunning landscapes, and incredible fish that make these films standout during this golden era of fishing flicks.

Tickets for Friday’s show are available at Mossy’s Fly Shop and online at until Thursday night for $15. Tickets will also be available at the door for $18. 

Festival goers will have a chance at winning one of two fly rods. The first is an Echo ONS (One Hand Spey) fly rod, courtesy of Mossy’s Fly Shop. This is a great rod for many of the fishing situations we find ourselves in on Valley streams. The second is an 9’ 8wt. Echo Salt, courtesy of IF4™ national sponsor Echo Fly Fishing. Other giveaways include gear from Tacky, Airflo, Simms, and Costa.

IF4™ 2017 is sponsored locally by Cache Campers Manufacturing, Inc., FisheWear, Southcentral AK Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and Mossy’s Fly Shop

Here is a rundown of Friday’s film.

The Hidden
The Hidden locations within Iceland’s volcanic landscape have tempted travelers for years. Follow the adventure of the boys from Western Waters Media as they explore the island, discover local legends, experience traditional cuisine, and catch some of the largest, most beautiful brown trout on the planet. Whether fishing a small, brushy stream in Utah, or a giant lake in Iceland, we can all relate to the beauty and mystique of brown trout. This moonscape has something special hidden within its overlooked rivers and lakes.

The Jungle’s Edge
Imagine a world where the jungle meets the coast and the fly fishing is incredible. That’s Costa Rica. Follow angler’s Mark Martin and Alex Beck as they attempt the impossible: Costa Rica’s first Grand Slam. What is typically thought of as primarily a great tarpon fishery, Captain Mark has discovered untouched waters, which hold permit and bonefish. But after a week of jumping and losing many 100+ pound tarpon, they find themselves with a chance to make history. The only thing standing in their way… the giant tarpon that have given them nothing but trouble all week.

Kendjam features a unique fly-fishing adventure deep in the Amazon Forest on rivers running through a wild land protected by Kayapo Warriors. Join anglers Jeff Currier and Ben Furimsky in this first-ever film about fly fishing on the previously forbidden Kayapo rivers. The crystal clear waters are full of aggressive fish species all eager to take a fly.

Laplanders traces the portrait of those who live by the rivers of Lapland in Northern Sweden. Their quest for the Baltic Salmon is one every fisherman can relate to: an ever-going search for the next fish, and the only certitude is the efforts that will be needed to reach it. This film is an immersion into the life of those who chase, document and protect the salmon in the land of the midnight sun.

The Legend of Neckbeard
Join artist and storyteller Marc Crapo and discover The Legend of Neck Beard—perhaps one of the greatest legends of our time, period. Prepare to be entertained with straight-up awesome fly fishing on the Henry’s Fork and some run-ins with the only Sasquatch/Wizard/Apparition of the River in this part of the “The Golden Ring,” a 300 mile circle comprising some of the richest angler’s territory in the world with Yellowstone Park at the center.

Sometimes you get everything to fall into place—this was one of those times. Capt. Brandon Keck and angler Meredith McCord showcase how magical the Louisiana marsh can be on the best of days. Pescadora by C1Films is a short film featuring clear skies, clear water, and big redfish—all on poppers.

Pure New Zealand
Pure New Zealand is an epic film edited by award-winning producer Todd Moen. During a recent visit to New Zealand Moen had the opportunity to film anglers Chris and Shauna Daughters on one of the world-renowned South Island rivers. The two anglers spotted, hooked and landed a number of stunning South Island trout in the many clear pools and magical stretches of water only found in New Zealand. Sit back and watch as she simply rocks this fly-fishing adventure into New Zealand’s backcountry with Moen’s action-packed presentation.

Surface is a film about extraordinary adventures that create life-long memories. Derek Bird of Fly Fusion Magazine and Ross Purnell of Fly Fisherman Magazine team up to search for large native rainbows on a remote stream in British Columbia’s Cariboo region. After a floatplane trip through the rugged and towering Cariboo Mountains, the anglers float down a nearly inaccessible glacial stream. What they experience along the way is nothing short of unforgettable.

The Dorado
Fly fisher April Vokey heads off to the deep jungles of Bolivia to try her luck at spey casting for golden dorado. Her journey begins with a century-old book and a reference to fly fishing for dorado. Pairing with a Bolivian native, she sets off to explore what the book never managed to achieve, only to soon realize that the truly magnificent journey is the one she is on.

When: 7:30 p.m., September, 29
Where: Glenn Massay Theater, Mat-Su College, Palmer, AK
Tickets: $15 at or Mossy’s Fly Shop. $18 at the door


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