The Orvis “20 Days in September” Contest – Part 2

#1 son reeled in this Montana Creek rainbow in early September.

Early last week I wrote about Orvis 20 Days in September contest, where the goal is to get twenty days of fishing in this month. The contest stemmed from Orvis editor Phil Monahan’s lack of days on the water in July 2014, so he challenged himself to get out at least 20 times in September. The following year he challenged the Orvis community to do the same and it’s now an annual contest. I decided to participate in the challenge and post my progress here.

So we’re fourteen days into September and here’s how I’m doing… 

Fishing Day #1
September 2
Location: Big Lake, Alaska

FullSizeRender 4
Looking for pike but ended up finding a lot of trout and big schools of salmon.

Fishing Day: #2
September 3
Location: Montana Creek, Alaska

I’m helping #1 son hold the rod as he reels in a rascally rainbow trout. Hoping for bonus points by using an Orvis Hydros rod.

Fishing day: #3
September 7.
Location: Lyons, Colorado

Roadside fishing on the St. Vrain.

Fishing day: #4
September 8
Location: Arkansas River, Buena Vista, Colorado

Having three flies tied to my leader increased the chances of catching a fish but also increased the number of “wind knots” I had to untangle.

Fishing day: #5
September 9
Location: Dolores River, Dolores, Colorado

Caught this Dolores River rainbow trout on a #18 Barr’s Emerger hung under a foam elk hair caddis. It appears to have been caught a few times before.

Fishing day: #6
September 10
Location: Rio Grande, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

There were so many fish in this pool near the headwaters of the Rio Grande. How many of them did we catch? Zero.

I really need to step my game up if I’m going to get even close to twenty days. I’m running errands in the big city this afternoon so maybe I’ll stop by Chester Creek for an hour or so.

Look for another update late next week.

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