Alaska State Fair Hosting Fly Tying Competition


There is still time to get flies entered into the 2017 Alaska State Fair fly tying competition. Entries must be delivered to the fairgrounds, Irwin Exhibits building, between 11am-7pm on Friday, August 11 or Saturday, August 12. 

Categories include:

01 Dry Flies
02 Nymph Flies
03 Streamer or Wet Flies
04 Articulated Flies
05 Saltwater Flies
06 Atlantic Salmon Flies
07 Traditional Flies
08 Collection of Flies
09 Other


Arts and Crafts Department is a showcase for craftspeople. Therefore all entries must be crafted in some manner by the entrant.
Enter only once per class. Like items may not be entered in two classes in the same age group. Entrants may not enter items in more than one sub-category per department.
Entries are judged on workmanship, finished appearance, design and color, and originality.
No item or part of a collection may have been entered the year before.
Collections should include labels and/or interesting information.
Collections and items of several pieces should be displayed and moveable as a unit.

Questions? Contact Martie Black at 907-248-0432

More details can be found here.


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