Sen. Hughes Stands Up for Valley Sport Anglers, Coho Salmon

On July 31, commercial fishing boats intercepted 40,000 coho salmon headed to Valley rivers and streams. Many, including myself, wrote our elected officials to share our concern with such a large harvest while Valley streams sit nearly void of coho salmon.

I received a reply from my state senator, Shelley Hughes, from District F. Sen. Hughes voted no on the reappointment of BOF Chair John Jensen, supports the Conservation Corridor, and expressed her concern about the July 31 harvest of 40,000 coho salmon in this August 4th letter to BOF and ADF&G Commissioner Sam Cotton.

Request Action Regarding Corridor

Request Action Regarding Corridor 2

I suggest reading Medred and Couch’s thoughts on the July 31 harvest (links below) and follow up with a letter to your state senator and representatives. Their contact information can be found here.

Mat-Su Coho Struggle by Craig Medred

Mismanagement Jeopardizes Cook Inlet Coho Escapements and User Opportunities by Andy Couch

If you’re not pissed off yet, check this out. Today at 1:30pm, ADF&G issued an emergency order prohibiting sport anglers from using bait on the Little Su because “Recent daily weir counts are well below average.”


4 thoughts on “Sen. Hughes Stands Up for Valley Sport Anglers, Coho Salmon”

  1. Are there any adults in the room. This is the same old arguments for the same tired reason. These arguments sound like school children arguing at recess who should get the tether ball. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. Remember those wise words. All you do is divide when we have to unite. Stuff the negative. SIMPLY PUT: There are not enough fish in the systems. We have many river systems and should have a vibrant fishery in Cook Inlet. But we don’t. Why? I REPEAT : WHY? That is the question. Instead of arguing over the few scraps for each user group, why can’t we figure out how to build returns so we can all share in the bounty. I have commercially fished (full disclosure) in cook inlet for forty seven years. I have never made a lot of money, with the exception of the late eighties. The last three years my business has not grossed over thirty thousand dollars per season. Simple math leaves a net of maybe eleven thousand dollars. No we are not cutting a fat hog here. I do it because I was born into it and I love it. Just like the guides, business owners who sell bait and tackle or Joe sport fishermen who loves to be out in nature, hunting for fish. We all have our reasons for doing what we do. The area could probably support all entities but we waste energy arguing over scraps instead of building up the systems. We will never have Bristol bay numbers, but a paltry 2 to 3 million fish harvests, that’s chicken feed compared to what this beautiful, vibrant and robust area should be producing. I understand human nature, we all think our cause is more important than the one were fighting against, but this old, tired argument reminds me of my old dog who plays tug of war with the rope tied to the tree. No, the tree never moves. And you political people who write letters and make statements strictly for votes are really, really transparent. Most of us are smart enough to know your motivation. You help nothing, you only divide. Please, I beg of you all, tone down the negative and try to find solutions. I probably won’t live long enough to see the results, but our children and grandchildren will thank us one day.


    1. Being a fisherman I don’t understand how you can be ignorant of the common sense that applies to the fish count. If I commercially net 5 of every 10 fish that arrive to spawn, another 2 are caught on the bank by fishermen or bears, and another 1 falls victim to brutal travel conditions, how many fish actually spawn to create more fish? Now reverse that back to the point of the fry actually making it back to the sea to begin the treacherous journey around the world. Now multiply that by however many years this has been allowed to continue, how many years will it take to return the fish to the prerape numbers if NOBODY is allowed to catch them? This is not common core. DoFG was trusted to manage this equation, they get an F-


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