Fishing Report Roundup! (July 15, 2017)

You’re doing something right in life if your waders stay wet all summer long. Photo: Ryan McCormick

The Fishing Report Roundup gathers reports from around the web for your easy reference. Reports from multiple sources provide you with an idea of what is happening in an area and where to focus your efforts in the upcoming days. Remember that fishing reports state how conditions are on a specific day or week. Conditions can quickly change since first reported. 

July 9
The Little Su officially entered its escapement window for king salmon, according to Alaska Fishing Report. The lower escapement goal is 2100 fish. Count as of July 8 is 2130.

July 10
Craig Medred reports on the status of this year’s Little Su king salmon run and the history of fish politics that may have contributed to the current state of the river.

July 11
Alaska Outdoor Journal reports that the first three days of counts (sockeye salmon) at Fish Creek, which drains Big Lake, is showing some good indicators early on. If ADFG projects a run will exceed 35,000 reds they May open that stream to dipnetting soon.

July 13
ADF&G says to expect the first coho salmon to be caught in the Little Su and Deshka this week and that chum are already in the Little Su. The first sockeye are expected at Jim Creek and Cottonwood Creek this week as well.

ADG&G also reports that rainbows are well distributed throughout area streams and will follow the king salmon as they ascend rivers to spawn. Try egg patterns and flesh flies. Don’t forget the occasional Dolly Llama, leech, and sculpin patterns.

July 13
Highway 3 Angler bushwhacked into Willow Creek to entice hungry trout with mouse flies.

Andy Couch of Fishtail River Guides, reporting for The Frontiersman, gives an excellent report on the status of sockeye, coho, and chum salmon in the Susitna Valley. If you enjoy fishing for coho salmon, get out now to be one of the first to catch a silver bullet this season.

July 14
Deshka Landing reports that the water level is relatively stable on the Susitna River and has dropped on the Deshka River. No reports of coho salmon yet.

Red Beard Anglers targeted rainbow trout with several different bead colors on Willow Creek but no large fish were interested, indicating that Kings are not dropping eggs quite yet.

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