3 Good Articles

A Dolly Varden fell for the flash. Photo: Ben Rowell
Spring trout fishing is in full swing and we’re loving it. But if you’ve been struggling to get hookups we suggest reading these three articles to get things turned around. Good luck! 

The Fry Game by Lee Leschper

“Before the eggs, before the bugs, before the flesh, there’s a favorite meal for Alaska trout shaking off the winter doldrums.”

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Proven Nymphs to Catch Trout Anywhere by George Daniel

The author would carry several thousand flies and hundreds of patterns at any given time. He’s simplified his life and now only carries these twelve patterns.

Small Changes Equal Big Rewards by Ryan McCormick

Try these tips when fishing is slow on Mat-Su Valley streams.

Bonus! Something to ponder…

Do Fish Feel Pain? by Howard Delo

In regards to catch and release, a retired ADF&G biologist says, “I was taught not to play with my food.”


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