Bunny Egg-Sucking Leech

fullsizeoutput_a87Earlier in the week I posted a step-by-step for the Tarantula Egg-Sucking Leech (ESL) where I mentioned that there are a numerous variations on the ESL. Here we have one of those variations – the Bunny ESL. The Bunny ESL is tied with rabbit strips, lead eyes, and chenille. Similar to the Tarantula ESL, the Bunny ESL is deadly in the early spring or late fall. Dead drifted or swing the fly across the current when targeting trout and strip the fly when targeting salmon. 


Hook: TMC 5262, size 4
Thread: Veevus 8/0, orange
Eyes: x-small
Tail: White rabbit strip, pearl Krystal Flash
Body: Crosscut white rabbit strip
Head: Chenille, small, fluorescent orange

Check out the Tarantula ESL here.

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