Proposal Filed to Change Montana Creek’s Resident Species Regulations

Susitna Leopard Trout

You’ve hit the road heading north to enjoy a couple days camping and trout fishing on Montana Creek. Shortly after arriving at the campground you learn the water accessible from the highway and campgrounds are closed to fishing – not just closed to king salmon fishing, but resident species as well. The closure is from the mouth to ADF&G markers a ½ mile above the highway. You’re puzzled. 

The closed section of water flows along the northern edge of the state owned campground and privately owned Montana Creek Campground, funder the highway, and alongside the trails leading to the mouth of the river. This section of water is arguably the reason these campgrounds are so popular with Alaskan anglers and tourists. You now have two choices – camp where the water is closed to fishing (not an option for some) or continue on the highway knowing very well that finding an established campground with easily accessible trout fishing is many miles away.

2017 Montana Creek closures.

With the Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting coming up on February 23 – March 8, Joe Mathis, owner of Montana Creek Campground, filed Proposal 219 to “allow a unbaited, single-hook, artificial lure, no retention fishery on resident species when waters of Montana Creek are closed to fishing for king salmon.”

I believe that anglers can successfully target resident species while at the same time conserving king salmon and therefore I’ll be submitting a comment to the Alaska Board of Fisheries in support of Proposal 219.

The period to submit a comment online to support/oppose Proposal 219 has closed but the Alaska Board of Fish is accepting written comments at the meeting.

Guidelines for submitting written comments are found here.


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