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Showing at the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s UK tour, The Super Salmon is a rip-roaring ride up Alaska’s Susitna River with a powerful take-home message Salmon are already seen as the David to nature’s Goliath. With everything to lose, they battle against the current in order spawn upstream, braving white water and a whole taxonomy of predators. But The Super Salmon is not about the species as a whole. This film is about a single fish – ‘Salmon 241’ – that took a 500km journey up the Susitna River from the sea to its source, to the very tongue of a glacier. ‘I don’t think this guy was a huge salmon, he was just average sized,’ says Mike Woods, a river local and strong contender for the fish’s biggest fan. ‘But he was just the ninja of all salmons!’ Director Ryan Peterson makes the most of Alaska’s scenery. With gasp-inducing flyovers of the Susitna – or ‘the Soo’ – its braided channels, its snow-capped horizons and galavanting wildlife, The Super Salmon has a swashbuckling spirit, helped by fast editing and a jumping classical soundtrack. However, it is not without a serious side. Namely, the fish’s journey is told in tandem with the plans for a hydroelectric development, the Susitna-Watana Dam. If it were to go ahead, the dam would be the largest of its kind to be built in America for the last 40 years, taller than the Hoover Dam, with enough potential to power half of urban Alaska. ‘It’s time to go big or go home,’ say the dam’s developers as the film begins.

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Beautiful, cold morning ❄️#ilovewinter #talkeetna #denali #susitna #alaska #alaskalife

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Fall in the Susitna Valley #susitna #alaska #cessna206

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