Angler Profile: Spencer Cook


This week we profile Valley angler Spencer Cook. Spencer moved to Alaska from Utah in 2013, where he taught beginning fly fishing classes and guided on the Provo River. His blog, Spencer Cook Fly Fishing, focuses on introducing new comers to the world of fly fishing and giving them the know-how to get started the right way.

First fly rod I ever owned … It was a noodle that came out of my wife’s grandfather’s garage! I don’t even recall the brand, it caught me some fish though.

My favorite thing about fishing in the Valley is … Fishing in the Valley is typically a solitary adventure (Bears and Moose excluded). I can usually get away from people by hiking a little farther than others are willing to go.

My fly fishing mentor is … Mike Navidomskis was my go-to source for fishing knowledge back home in Utah. The guy can catch fish everywhere. He helped to build my foundation of knowledge from the river bottom up! 

The craziest thing I’ve witness on the river was … Some skinny dippers in the middle of winter trying to jump off a rock into a deep pool on the Provo River.

The one fly I always have in my trout fly box is … I think everyone carries a dolly llama or two…thousand at all times!

My favorite Valley stream to fish in the spring is … I really dig little streams in the spring. Goose Creek has some awesome undercut banks holding hungry rainbows that I can’t catch enough of!

The best place to eat after a day on the river is … Whenever I take my wife and kids out on the water, we always hit up Miller’s for some green-apple gummy bear ice cream with a side of french fries!

If I could snap my fingers and be fishing anywhere in the world today, I’d be … I would love a chance to chase Golden Dorado in South America. I lived there for a couple years and I would love to go back!

If I was in the WWE, my entrance music would be … Back in Black, AC/DC

My favorite fly fishing film is … Before moving to Alaska I would watch the films on all the time. Rainbow Rhapsody always gets my blood pumping.

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UPDATE: Spencer Cook has made a big move since we first profiled him back in early 2016. Red Beard Anglers, Cook’s guiding service based out of Willow, AK, starts taking clients to Willow Creek, Montana Creek, and other Susitna River tributaries this spring. Check out his new website at


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