Angler Profile: Kory Murdoch


How long have you been fishing in the Valley?
I’ve been fishing the Valley since I was 8 years old, so 36 years.

What do you consider you home waters?
I’d say Montana Creek, but any of the Parks Hwy. streams north of Willow would be in the running.

Favorite season of the year?
Most fly fisherman in Alaska would say Fall, September, October, but mine is Spring. I’ve been exploring the Big Su and Talkeetna rivers right after ice out and have had great success. But what really gets me going are Kings on the swing. Late May through June can be unbelievable. 

What rods do you fish with?
My favorite rod is a Scott 10 ft 6 wt. I am in love with that thing. In the two-hand world, I really like my Sage 8119 TCX switch rod and also the 5119 TCX. These two sticks are magic.

How has fishing in the Valley changed over the years?
Well, there are definitely more people. And the percentage of anglers using a fly rod is much higher now. But the biggest thing is the bead. Sometimes I wonder if people realize trout eat other stuff.

If you could carry only one trout fly, what would it be?
I would go for a white zonker. Fish it as a smolt or dead drift it like a flesh fly and I could swing it on a Spey rod. Fish love that fly. It even works on salmon.

You’re building wood landing nets, right? Tell me about that.
Yeah, I started building custom wood landing nets about a year ago. I got tired of ugly nets in my pictures and I’m too cheap to by a good one, so I built my own. I make three different size hoops – small, medium, and large. They range in price from $100 to $250. I sell them out of Mossy’s Fly Shop in Anchorage. I’m trying to build the best nets in Alaska, so I want to sell them at the best shop in Alaska.

Where do you like to fish outside of the Valley?
Where ever the fish are. I really love the Denali Highway streams and the Kenai. I really love all of them. If there are fish, I’m down.

Did your family get you involved in fishing?
Oh yeah! My Dad loves to fish. We went every weekend in the summer.

Favorite fly-fishing film?
I can’t really pin down just one. Anything involving steelhead or Alaska is good.

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