Public testimony on allowing fishing and hunting licenses to be carried on cell phones is today!


HB260, sponsored by Representative Dan Saddler HB260, allows anglers and hunters the opportunity to carry an electronic version of a fishing and hunting license instead of a paper copy.

Alaskans currently have the option to purchase a license online but must print a paper copy to keep on their person while participating in fishing and hunting activities.

The bill has support from Republicans, Democrats, and independents, including co-sponsors Representatives Kreiss-Tomkins, Tarr, Drummond, Knopp, and Grenn.

Public testimony for HB260 is scheduled for today at 1pm. To testify, visit your local LIO or call 1-907-465-4648 to obtain call-in number.  Continue reading “Public testimony on allowing fishing and hunting licenses to be carried on cell phones is today!”


How to get a refund on your king salmon stamp

Photo: Ryan McCormick

Like many Valley anglers, I purchased my 2018 sport fishing license and king salmon stamp early in the calendar year. So when ADF&G announced on Tuesday that the Susitna River drainage will be closed to targeting of king salmon, with the exception of catch and release only on Deshka and Yetna rivers, I was frustrated.

The next day I thought I’d research what it would take to get a refund on my 2018 king salmon stamp, seeing that the Susitna River is frozen and the fish are still a couple months away from showing up at the Deshka. No matter what the outcome would be, I wasn’t planning on requesting a refund, as I see the purchase of a stamp as an investment in Alaska fisheries, but I was curious to see if a refund was possible.  Continue reading “How to get a refund on your king salmon stamp”

King salmon fishing in Susitna drainage – CLOSED!


The rumor is true. ADF&G closed the Susitna drainage to king salmon fishing but is allowing catch-and-release of kings on the Deshka and Yetna rivers. See the Emergency Order in full below.  Continue reading “King salmon fishing in Susitna drainage – CLOSED!”

3 good articles: bipartisan work edition

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at Jan 24, 2018 4.31.41 PM1. It’s unusual for Hatch Magazine’s twitter account to tweet anything positive about a Republican, so I did a double take when I saw Hatch Magazine retweeted praise for Alaska’s Senator Dan Sullivan (R). The praise came from Rhode Island’s Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D), who worked with Sullivan to pass the Save Our Sees Act out of the Senate. Check out Hatch Magazines take on the bipartisan work done on the Save Our Seas Act in this December 22 post.
(Full disclosure: My spouse works for Senator Dan Sullivan)  Continue reading “3 good articles: bipartisan work edition”

FisheWear purchases Women’s Flyfishing, Pudge retires

Last week our friends at FisheWear® announced that the Anchorage based company acquired Women’s Flyfishing™ from Pudge Kleinkauf. Pudge is retiring after more than 30 years in the fly fishing industry.

If you live in the Valley and drive the Glenn Highway outside of Palmer, you’ve probably seen Pudge teaching groups of students how to fly fish from a float tube near the bridge between Kepler and Bradley Lakes. Maybe you ran into her on Montana Creek introducing new anglers to fly fishing on moving water. You may have even spoke with  her at the author’s booth or attended one of her many presentations at the Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show.

While Pudge may not be guiding anymore, we’re glad to hear she’ll continue contributing to the sport through her writing.

Here’s Pudge sharing how she started in the sport and why she loves it so much.  Continue reading “FisheWear purchases Women’s Flyfishing, Pudge retires”

ADF&G Accepting Comments on 2018 Stocking Plan, Including Kings in Willow Creek


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is accepting public comment from January 1-January 30, 2018 on its 2018 Statewide Stocking Plan for Sport Fisheries.

Increased fishing pressure on Susitna River tributaries led ADF&G to begin stocking king salmon in Deception Creek, a Willow Creek tributary, in 1983 as a supplement to Willow’s wild run of kings. The first significant return of stockers showed up in 1988.  Continue reading “ADF&G Accepting Comments on 2018 Stocking Plan, Including Kings in Willow Creek”

Learn two-hand fishing tactics for the Susitna drainage at upcoming TU Chapter Meeting in Wasilla

Susitna drainage rainbow trout .

You’re invited to join the Southcentral AK Trout Unlimited Chapter for thier December meeting on Thursday, December 21 at Bearpaw River Brewing Company. Wasilla resident and Bear Trail Lodge guide Josh Scott will speak on fishing the Susitna River drainage with two-hand rods. There will also be a rod giveaway courtesy of 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle.  Continue reading “Learn two-hand fishing tactics for the Susitna drainage at upcoming TU Chapter Meeting in Wasilla”

IF4™ 2018 Releases First Trailer

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at Dec 12, 2017 11.37.55 PM

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4™) began releasing trailers for the 2018 show earlier this week, beginning with Confluentus: The Merging of All Things by Gilbert Rowley of Capture Adventure Media. As the host of IF4™ Palmer and Anchorage, trailer debuts get me excited for the upcoming shows even if they are nine months away. Continue reading “IF4™ 2018 Releases First Trailer”

Trout Fishing Excursion

IMG_7627 2

Last weekend the City of Wasilla held its annual Christmas tree lighting at the Dorthy G Page Museum in downtown Wasilla. This was my first time attending the event and my first time at the museum. While the main event was outside, we headed inside the museum to get out of the wind and warm up.

My wife pulled me away from the model of Indepence Mine to show me a picture of a party posing in front of the Wasilla Depot with the words Trout Fishing Excursion at Wasilla, Alaska written on it. She knew I’d find it interesting.   Continue reading “Trout Fishing Excursion”

The Orvis “20 Days in September” Challenge – Part 3

An early fall leopard rainbow from the Susitna Drainage.

Last month, Orvis challenged anglers to log 20 days on the water during the month of September. They didn’t have to be full days, just a legitimate attempt at catching fish. Anglers were asked to take a picture from each outing and post it to the Orvis Facebook page with the hashtag #OrvisFlyFishing and #20inSep.

I last wrote about my progress about half way through September, at which point I had logged just six days on the water. I knew I had to put in significant effort if I were to even come close to twenty days on the water. So here is how the second half of September went.  Continue reading “The Orvis “20 Days in September” Challenge – Part 3”